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Who will show at Royal Rumble 2013?


The Royal Rumble is almost here and with it means we have officially started this year’s journey down that Road to Wrestlemania.

Along with the excitement of The Rock’s first Championship match since dropping the WWE Undisputed Championship to Brock Lesner – back at Summerslam 2002, is of course is the main Royal Rumble match itself.

Now usually a 30-man match (on occasion 20 or 40), tends to carry its share of surprise visitors to the Rumble’s main event. Such random Legends, Superstars & Celebratory as; ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka, Mr Perfect, Rob Van Dam, Goldust, Road Dogg and even at one point comedian Drew Carry, have all surprised the crowds by entering the Mammoth sized Royal Rumble Match.

Now as guest spots are almost guarantied each year, we thought it could be fun to write up some predictions ahead of this months WWE PPV.

So read on and see what you think of our surprise guest spots and returns:

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjiman Charlie Hass

The ‘Gold Standard’ hasn’t been seen in the WWE since his release back in April 2010, and for a long time previously had been horribly utilized within the company. Upon becoming a free agent, Benjamin was quick to jump over to Ring of Honor along with his “Worlds Greatest Tag Team” brethren Charlie Hass and throwing himself back into Tag Team Competition.

Traveling between RoH, New Japan Pro Wrestling and a handful of other independent shows, Shelton has been sure to keep himself busy and also keep his in ring skills at a top level.

Recent rumors has suggested that Shelton Benjamin could be returning to the WWE after being contacted by the company, this was quickly debunked by Benjamin himself over on Twitter but you never know with the WWE.

With an Athletic skill and the fanbase to follow, bringing in the Gold Standard for this years Rumble would be a wise choice indeed.

Charlie Hass

Charlie Hass

How do you top bringing in one half of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team? By bringing in the other half of course.

Even without his (admittedly more talented) partner, Hass has shown us that he is an incredibly talented performer who was also dealt a short hand when working for the WWE. Starting out with tremendous hype in Team Angle to then being left with a gimmick of impersonating other wrestlers – which included at one time cross-dressing as Beth Phoenix.

Also Traveling the RoH and Indy Scene, Hass along with his constant reported loyalty to the WWE, would probably be an easy one night acquisition – and also bring a familiar face to charge up the crowd.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho

Introducing the ‘Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla’, Y2J… Chris Jericho. Now be honest, that would probably get a reaction out of you at the Rumble.

Jericho left our screens in August 2012 to go off and tour with his band Fozzy, but thanks to some odd decision making on WWE’s part it almost seemed like Jericho never returned? With only one major win in Y2J’s short return (two nights before his leaving), the WWE need to make it up to the Jerichollics and a way to do that is in the Rumble. Bulldogs, springboards, a few Lionsaults and of course some mic time followed by Jericho clearing the ring would be a good start.

We reported that Chris attempted a return in November for a couple of dates but couldn’t get anything to stick, so here’s hoping its in the works for the 27th.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry

Just as we saw the rise of Mark Henry in 2011 – becoming one of the companies biggest (pun not intended) heels as well as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 2012 saw Henry fall down the talent foodchain as he had to take 30 days out in February (due to a Hyper Extended Knee) which led to his indefinite leave to undergo Career-Threatening surgery for a shoulder injury in April.

Last reporting of Henry showed that he should be cleared to return late December 2012 and boy is he needed.

Thanks to Miz and Alberto Del Rio both turning face the WWE is in dire need of a decent strong Heel. When better to bring back the Worlds Strongest Man? In the Royal Rumble where he can display great feats of strength by causing multiple eliminations.

Bring on the Big Man!



“Christian… Christian… At last you’re on your own (queue music)”

Man I miss Christian’s old theme, probably more than ‘Captain Charisma’ himself!
Christian isn’t someone I really need to sell to you… It’s Christian, he’s great.

If he’s totally reeking of Awesomeness or demanding just “One More Match”, Christian is as entertaining as he is talented.

With a Killswitch here and a Spear there, Christian’s return could be one to watch at the Rumble – though these days that seems to point to a possibility of his return leading to injury.

Ric Flair

Ric Flair

So we saw the Nature Boy return to WWE that the Slammy Awards a few weeks back and ever since we’ve been pondering (and dreading) Flair’s in ring return.

A quick Rumble spot could be a way to keep everyone happy. Flair can have a lengthily entrance with plenty of ‘Woo’ing and strutting his way to the ring, hit some signature moves and then chase someone out the ring – causing a self-elimination so as not to outstay his welcome, and causing the match to slow down.

Mick Foley

Mick Foley

WWE Guest spot regular, ‘Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy’ and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley like to throw himself into the Rumble most years and usually as himself. But looking back at Raw 1000’s Dude Love appearance, we could see another one of – or all three, faces of Foley.

If Foley is to appear then don’t expect a stellar showing. As much as we all Love Mick, he’s likely to get one elimination (if that) before receiving his own.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

Brock Lesner

Brocl Lesner

Here comes the Pain?

Lesner had the biggest return this year, unfortunately this mainly relied on hype. Once we got a PPV match out of the beast, it was apparent that this eagerly awaited comeback was nothing more than a flash in the pan.

Lacklustre promos followed by equally lacklustre matches and a limited number of contracted appearances had inflicted more pain on the fans than Lesner’s opponents. But it’s not too late…

We’ve reported before that Brock had been added to this years Wrestlemania poster and a Rumble appearance could be a perfect surprise opening to the biggest stage of them all.

The New Age Outlaws

Billy Gunn Road Dogg New Age Outlaws

So Road Dogg turned up at last years Rumble, then the Slammys, then Billy Gunn Joined in for Raw 1000 and the New Age Outlaws even had a match in Madison Square Garden last month. I think it’s safe bet that we’ll be seeing Bad A** Billy Gun and the Road D O Double G for their PPV reunion at the Royal Rumble.


Shawn Michaels Triple H Undertaker

Every year we wonder how the Undertaker will return to the WWE and with health issues racking up its been closer and closer to Mania each year. This year, after news that Taker may just take 2013 off or even sit out indefinitely, we got news that many WWE fans wanted to hear… the Undertaker is ready for Wrestlemania.

Reportedly the Dead Man is even thinking about entering the Rumble this year but could this mean a surprise spot or could he be in it to win it?

He’s a scenario for you – Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble, heads to Wrestlemania to face the World Heavyweight Champion (whoever that may be), wins the Title, holds it for a year until the next Wrestlemania event where the streak is broken and the Deadman gracefully retires.

Admittedly this would be asking a lot of Taker, he would have to be in good health and who knows if he’s even looking to take the final bow? All I know is what everyone else knows, Undertaker is a good choice for the Royal Rumble.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

Just kidding.

So what do you think, agree with our choices or do you have some ideas of your own?

Let us know in the comments below.

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