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Review: Batman Automobilia: Issue 1

Publisher: Eaglemoss
Price: £2.99
Available: Out Now (UK)

In 1989, I was taken to see a little film called Batman. The following birthday I received a toy Batmobile based of the same Tim Burton film, I fell in Love. It’s sleek design, the turbine front, the noir style and the black finish, my first Batmobile was by far the sexiest.

So when I saw an advert for a new collectible series of die-cast Batmobiles (the first of which being the 1989 Batman Movie model), jumped at the chance to snatch up a piece of my childhood.

Batman Automobilia: The definitive collection of Batman vehicles is a fortnightly series that consist of a model Batmobile, plastic display case, 3D lenticular background and a guide to that particular Batmobile and Batman comics in that models year.
As mentioned earlier, issue one the 1989 Batman movie Batmobile and here’s what you can expect.

Batman Automobilia Header

Starting off lets take a look at the guide;
The guide contains a summary off the plot for Batman the movie and what role the Batmobile had to play in it. With the Batmobile specifications there is a mass of in formation including:

  • ‘The Batmobile in Action’ a small section of the guide which shows of this models signature abilities (e.g. Grappling Hook, Machine Guns, etc)
  • ‘Batman ’89’ a look at the Batman comic book story lines of that year (A Death in the Family, Blind Justice, Gotham by Gaslight and more)
  • ‘The Ultimate Ride’ an in depth feature of the Batmobile design with an x-ray look inside the vehicle along with a list of specifications and special features, ‘Designing the Batmobile’ a look at this model’s creator, Anton Furst along with blue-prints to the design and a preview of the next issue (the 1966 Batman TV show model, can’t wait)


Now we’ll take a look at the model.
At first glance I’m impressed at the detail of the model, especially as it only cost me the introductory price of £2.99.

The model is presented in a nice clear plastic case on a detailed base which contains the die-cast Batmobile, a tiny Michael Keaton style Batman figure, couple of oil drums for effect which work nicely with the 3D lenticular background card (which as far as I can tell is of an explosion at the ACME Chemicals plant).

image image image

The only complaint if have is very slight, the transparent plastic case top has a mark that’s been left by the injection moulding process and in an attempt to hide this the decision has been made to place a small Bat-symbol sticker as cover, this doesn’t look great as the mark leaves a bulge in the sticker. Also you can see joins on the oil drums where two half’s have been stuck together, again these are minor gripes.

Pricing starts at £2.99 for issue 1, £2.99 for issue 2, £9.99 for future regular issues and an unknown higher price for limited editions (speculated at around £19.99).

Subscribing also has its perks like most magazine collections;

  • Access to a digital archive for each issue of Batman Automobilia as they hit the shelves.
  • Guide Binder: a ring binder that can hold up to 16 guides. Delivered with your first order and can be ordered separately for £6.99.
  • Licence Plate: a full size replica of the 1966 Batmobile ‘Bat-1’ licence plate. Delivered with your second order and priced at £12.99.
  • 1989 Armoured Batmobile: a die-cast model of the 1989 Batman movie Batmobile, displaying it Armour mode. Delivered with your fourth order and worth £10.99.
  • The Batwing: a die-cast model of the 1989 Batman movie Batwing. Delivered with your sixth order and worth £19.99.

[tabgroup][tab title=”your title”]Nice collectible piece for Bat-Fans and toy car collectors alike
Magazine provides an in depth look at the inner workings of the Batmobile
Worth the £2.99 on nostalgia value alone

[/tab][tab title=”your title”]Poor quality set pieces and display case lid cheapen the look of an otherwise sexy Batmobile
Magazine is very short and could do with ‘beefing up’
Small residue marks left from production means the model requires cleaning before display


Official Site
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