Nic Cage as Superman: New photos emerge

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign for a new documentary about the scrapped Tim Burton Superman movie, some interesting photos have been made available.

Burton’s lead actor to don the cape would be Superman enthusiast Nic Cage (who has gone as far to own an original Detctive Comics #1 and name his first born son Kal-El), but Superman Lives (ironically) died in production.

With the documentary unearthing more of the films content, photos of Cage trying out the (what looks to be) final suit have been made public and here they are;




While most argue that Cage was a poor choice of casting, the suit looks great, even by the 90’s standard. Furthermore, the suit is a vast improvement to the first image that had been released.




If you can alter the course of history then Superman Lives is due out in theaters Summer 2008.



Sources: IGN
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