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New Trailer and Poster for the upcoming Fringe Finale

Fox have released a new trailer and poster for the upcoming finale of Fringe. The Sci-Fi series will be showing their two hour episode this Friday over in the States and will bring an end to their five year run.

Here’s the trailer;


In an interview with Fringe co-creator J.J. Abrams at last week’s TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour IGN asked him for his take on the final conclusion for the Fringe characters.

Here’s his interview with IGN;

“What I love about what Joel (Wyman) has done, he directed the finale as well, is that there is a wild and kind of wonderful end that is incredibly emotional. Which also has an inevitability to it. And I think that the ambition of the show has always been to be freaky and twisted and weird, and also deeply emotional. And while of course not every episode hits all of those buttons, I think enough of them did that makes it something that I’m insanely proud to be a part of. And I think the finale does that on all cylinders, which is exciting and bittersweet.”

As to the, indeed, bittersweet nature of the end, he said, “It’s a show that got to play out as it should have, I think. Which is a very rare thing. Especially for a show that had sort of mid-range ratings, for the network to keep the show on is a testament to their wonderful commitment to a show that they actually loved, not that was showing them numbers. I will never forget that. That’s a very rare thing.”

Abrams has said previously that if he’d pitched Fringe as a “time-travel, inter-dimensional, sci-fi series” it never would have gotten a greenlight. His lesson in the art of pitching has ultimately been, “At the very beginning you have to know that you have a handle on the characters, and the potential for those characters. But if you know that you want to do some really, really weird stuff, keep it to yourself.”

Here’s the advertisement poster for the Fringe finale;



Sources:  IGN


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