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Finally, The Rock Has Come Back…Full Time?

As many know, last year saw The Rock return to WWE TV for his first WrestleMania match in 8 years. But his sporadic – and sometimes via satellite – appearances rubbed some the wrong way. Rumours of backstage discontent were flying, with many of the active WWE roster unhappy that Rock rarely appeared on the shows, and when he did was only there to hype his match for John Cena.

Well this year The Rock is once again back in WWE, except this time he has not just one match to hype, but firstly his WWE Championship match with CM Punk at Royal Rumble, an expected in-ring appearance at Elimination Chamber, and then culminating on April 7 at WrestleMania 29. So with that in mind, will Rocky’s TV appearances once again be few and far between? Will there once again be backstage discontent? Well if there is, it will have to be about something else, because as of tonight, The Rock is pretty much back full-time as a WWE performer.

Not including travel dates, promotional appearances, etc, his schedule is as follows;


  • 7/1 – Raw in Tampa, FL
  • 8/1 – Smackdown in Miami, FL
  • 15/1 – Raw 20th Anniversary in Houston, Texas
  • 21/1 – Raw in San Jose, CA
  • 22/1 – Smackdown in Sacramento, CA
  • 27/1 – Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 28/1 – Raw in Las Vegas
  • 11/2 – Raw in Nashville, TN
  • 12/2 – Smackdown in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 17/2 – Elimination Chamber PPV in New Orleans
  • 18/2 – Raw in Lafayette, Louisiana


Additional dates will also be added, leading up to WrestleMania 29 on April 7.


Source: PWInsider

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