Crash Bandicoot Reboot?

A redesigned Crash Bandicoot poster has been spotted in Vicarious Visions’ 2012 Game Jam Facebook photos.

The photo has had it’s size increased a bit but you can clearly see is the Bandicoot himself and he looks as he has been updated to a very familiar style. The look is very similar to that of the Skylanders brand which features another character from the Golden Age of PlayStation, Spyro. Whether this means Crash could be jumping into the series himself or again seeing a reboot we’re not sure.

In the past Vicarious Visions had actually developed a Crash Bandicoot game for the Game Boy Advance.

It is worth mentioning that this could all just be speculation over a piece of fan art. Though it would be nice to see a return from Crashing some form, especially as he was a no show for the recent Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale line up.


Sources: GameInformer
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